Getting started in Brazil
Jun 17, 2019 - SELLERS
Craig Roberts

If you’re reading this is likely you’ve read everything about Brazil (here) and are wanting to get started on your South American selling adventure. To help you get going here are a list of things you need to know ....

1 - Create an account on Marcazo and make sure to join our Facebook group (check out the files section for targeting lists and campaign description texts)

2 - Make sure you read all about boletos (here) as these account for about 30% of all sales on Marcazo and do make measuring ROI a bit tricky

3 - When running ads make sure you don’t just target the whole of Brazil. You want to target the main cities like Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Belo Horizonte etc (because Brazil is a huge country and you really want to focus your ads). Of course you can always expand later but when starting out focus on the big cities.

4 - For translations you can ask Ricardo to translate to Brazilian Portuguese for you, just message him via the chat feature in your marcazo dashboard or email the seller support team at

5 - If you need any help using marcazo please use the chat feature or email the team at


6 - If you get questions on your ads and need somewhere to send your buyers please send them to this link -

7 - If you’re looking to see what niches are selling in Brazil then we suggest you search #marcazo on social media to see what people are sharing (there are no spytools for Brazil or Marcazo yet).

8 - Profitability on Marcazo obviously varies but typically we see people selling basic shirts for R$75 ($20) and the base cost on Marcazo is R$32 ($8.21) so that leaves a gross profit before any Ad costs of R$43 ($11). The best part about Brazil is that Facebook Ads are still cheap so typically you can get CPAs around $4-6 which means on each shirt sold you should be making around $6-8

9 - Payouts are done via Payoneer and Paypal in USD and can be requested at anytime. We usually make payouts everyday (Monday to Friday).


10 - All our products are manufactured and printed in Rio De Janeiro, we are one of the few POD companies who actually manufacture our shirts from scratch rather than buying from a 3rd party like Gildan. All products are printed and sent out within 4 business days of being placed.

11 - All products are shipped from Rio De Janeiro and we use a network of shipping providers. We can deliver to the whole of Brazil and costs are determined by posts codes (so every postcode has a different shipping cost - even in the same city). All orders are send with tracked shipping and buyers are sent the tracking link.

12 - We take quality very seriously and do whatever it takes to make sure buyers are happy. We have full time team in brazil dedicated to looking after buyers and answer all emails within 24 hours. You can read some of our reviews here -

13 - Most of our product options are listed on the site, we are also currently testing leggings so if you’d like to test them please email us ( to get access. We are continuously adding more product options for you to sell.


14 - You may sometimes notice that you have sales in your Facebook Ad dashboard but are not seeing anything in your Marcazo account, this happens when the payment provider flags a transaction for review (fraud protection) and all this means is that the sale is pending and usually will clear in 24 hours.

15 - Our design guidelines are here - please pass this onto your designer. 

And that’s it, you now have everything you need to get started selling in Brazil :)

Good luck!

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