Marcazo and Moteefe join forces!
Jul 29, 2019 - MOTEEFE
Francisco Sampaio

It’s my pleasure to announce that Marcazo is now part of the Moteefe group! 

When we launched Marcazo back in 2018 we did so with technical & financial support from Moteefe (you may have wondered why the platforms looked so similar). While we continued to operate as separate companies for many months we quickly realized that we could do more together than we could separately, so we decided to join forces and as of June 2019 Marcazo is now fully owned by Moteefe.  

Moteefe is fully committed to developing the Brazilian market and unlocking more opportunities for Print-On-Demand sellers from all over the world. By bringing the Marcazo & Moteefe teams together we will vastly improve the services and features for buyers & sellers on both platforms. 

Going forward Marcazo will continue to operate as a separate website / brand but we have already started integrating the teams across Marcazo & Moteefe in order to better support our buyers & sellers. 

We’re very excited to be joining the Moteefe team and can’t wait to show you all the amazing tools & features we have coming soon! We also want to say a big THANK YOU to all the sellers who have helped get Marcazo to this point, we could not have done this without your continued support! 

Craig Roberts

CEO, Marcazo

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