Important announcement

Marcazo communicates to its customers and partners that we have decided, as a matter of strategic business, to no longer operate in the Brazilian market.

However, for customers and users interested in continuing to sell in Brazil, we are suggesting a local alternative to continue operations.

Marcazo has a long-standing strategic partnership with Dimona, a leader in the Brazilian market for personalization of shirts, which has in its portfolio of services an integrated solution for Print on Demand, Dropshipping and Fulfillment, which, in replacement of Marcazo, can absorb the demand of sellers from all over the world who want to sell in Brazilian territory.


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About Dropsimples

Dropsimples® is a Brazilian Print on Demand, Dropshipping and Fulfillment solution entirely developed by Dimona, a traditional Brazilian company for more than 50 years leading the personalization segment in Brazil.

With Dropsimples you connect your store to a professional storage and production structure.

Understand how the solution works, its main benefits and everything you need to know to start selling your products in the Brazilian market!

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Plugins available for the biggest e-commerce platforms in Brazil

High definition DTG prints

Own production structure, storage, product quality and customer service

State-of-the-art Kornit printing machines

Free API Integration available

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Dedicated support to help integrations between sellers and Dropsimples

Integration Methods

Dropsimples has at least three ways to allow sellers to integrate with the print on demand system.

Check below the available options, the characteristics of each one, as well as the application recommendations for each user profile.



Loja Integrada


Tiny (ERP)

Bling (ERP)



Recommended option for users with little or no knowledge of systems integration and for sellers with small / medium monthly sales volume.

Ecommerce Platforms


API Rest


Manual process that allows any order to be placed, excluding the need for integration or use of a local e-commerce platform to carry out sales.

Check Spreadsheet Template >

Recommended option for users who choose to manage an online store in Brazil using one of the market platforms that has a plugin for integration with Dropsimples.

Check the list of local platforms that already have integration:

Recommended option for users with advanced knowledge of technology and API integrations.

This method allows creating automations between the seller and Dropsimples directly and automatically, without the intermediation of third parties.

Check Documentation >

Fill out the form with information about you and your project. Afterwards, our team will contact you to proceed with the integration process with Dropsimples, and soon you will be able to start selling your products in the Brazilian market!

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